Emma's Hope Mom Boxes

The Need

During our time in the hospital, the staff would always tell us, "Take care of yourselves, so you can take care of Emma." As great as that sounds, we did what any parent would do - we sacrificed anything for Emma. This sacrifice looks different to many, but often includes time, food, sleep, and general hygiene to be there for your child. Our mom boxes contain makeup and skin-care products, which are items that don't even make the list when your focus is on your child, and you're rushing around to pack things for the hospital stay.

“As someone who has been there, I know first hand just how uplifting it can be to simply wash my face and put on moisturizer and mascara. It helped me feel more put together, and in a small way, it helped me mentally feel that I was better able to care for Emma because I felt good about myself.”

— Jane (Emma's Mom)

The Contents

These mom boxes are filled with a variety of skin-care, makeup, and wellness products:

Collection of products and items inside a box.

We are honored and blessed to be able to provide mothers whose children are undergoing treatment for a life-threatening illness or cancer and are currently admitted to the hospital with these boxes, as a small, tangible gesture of love and hope.

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We are also extraordinarily grateful to the businesses who have partnered with us to provide certain products for these mom boxes. Thank you!

IT Cosmetics
Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
Sara Happ The Lip Expert
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