We've Been There

Why We Began

Emma's Hope, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit that we started in honor of our daughter, Emma Grace, who battled a rare form of lung cancer and went home to be with Jesus on February 7th, 2017, just before her second birthday. The fact that she is no longer here with us and that she will never meet her younger brothers or play with her older sister again is painful.

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Why We Are Needed

Through Emma’s Hope, we are able to use what our family went through to directly help other families going through similar circumstances. We know that when your child is going through treatment for a life-threatening illness or cancer, they are your only focus. The treatment plan for a child often demands constant travel and extended hospitals stays. Parents often go weeks and months without working - some even losing their jobs - in order to care for their child.

At Emma's Hope, we provide financial support to approved families for travel and food expenses as well as unexpected or miscellaneous bills. The heartbreaking loss of a child is enough of a weight on a family in and of itself. Because of that, we help cover bereavement expenses to lighten some of the financial burden for families who have recently lost a child.

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Our Mission

Emma's Hope, Inc. exists to be an aide and liaison for the families of children who have been diagnosed with severe illnesses and cancers living in the state of New York. Emma's Hope, Inc. will provide services, support, and activities throughout the year for the benefit, encouragement, and assistance of the aforementioned families.

Our Vision

Our goal at Emma's Hope is to tangibly share the love, hope, and peace that we have received from Jesus with families who are currently experiencing or who have experienced the difficult challenges that come with having a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Board of Directors

Alex Wright
Vice President
Jane Wright
Sara Loucy-Swartz
Brad Loucy

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